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Fr. Walter is a believer in Annual Stewardship Appeals. How can this be? Click here to watch and find out the ways that we are called to serve and served as part of the Richmond Diocese. All will have an opportunity this Sunday to join in a shared offering and participate in the Annual Appeal. You may make a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift, and contribute by check, via QR code, or click below to donate online. Please

For those who missed Fr. Walter's announcement at the Masses this Sunday, here is a summary of the finances regarding the roof: Replacement of the roof was critically necessary. We received two large bequests that paid for most of the roof replacement. We received the Bishop's approval to install solar panels on the roof. The supplies and installation have been completely covered by a donation. After these bequests and donations, we needed to raise $150,000. Of this amount, we have already received over half of what

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