2023 Church Tour

Learning from Bricks and Mortar

How our Church can teach us to pray

Join us in a prayerful exploration of the ways in which this beautiful building has been designed and built to facilitate our life in prayer.

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Memorial Gift Opportunities

Looking for a way to commemorate or honor a loved one? We have Memorial Gift Opportunities available throughout the Church, including pews and chairs and many larger items:

  • Sacristy—$125,000
  • Main Crucifix—$75,000
  • Sanctuary Flooring—$75,000
  • Stone Paneling on Apse—$50,000
  • Sanctuary Paneling—$50,000
  • 76 Long Pews—$5,000 each (13 ft to 25 ft) (46 PLEDGED)
  • 18 Shorter Pews—$4,000 each (4 ft to 12 ft) (10 PLEDGED)
  • 22 Choir Chairs—$500 each (14 PLEDGED; 8 AVAILABLE)

(E.g. Over 5 years, a short pew comes to under $16/week)

If you are interested in any of these, or have questions, please contact: [email protected]

The STA 100

Our STA 100 are a growing number of supporters of the parish who are blessed with the means to commit, in addition to regular offertory, to recurring annual gifts that would be used solely for payments on the mortgage. That would enable the parish to reserve offertory and other income for day-to-day parish operations, unburdened by monthly mortgage payments. Please consider joining your fellow parishioners in this fruitful good work.

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