Congratulations! You are some of the hardest-working ministers of Christ’s Church! Every day you live out the call to spread the Gospel of Christ. Every day you live out most of the corporal works of mercy (especially feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, and visiting the sick–visiting the imprisoned too, when you hug that toddler in timeout!).

In parenting, we have a special opportunity to join Christ in the carrying of His Cross–His experience of profound joy, united with the heroic generosity of a life of sacrifice. To help support you, we offer the following:

  • Our prayers. (Most of the RE/Youth Ministry team and the lay staff have or have had small children…so we empathize with your joys and your tears!)
  • The sacraments: please do bring your children to Mass (weekday Masses are especially great for little people!). Our Quick Guide of the Mass for Parents of Young Children is available in the link, and here as a pdf.
  • Two really great Catholic preschool programs: 26 Letters to Heaven and Catholic Icing.
  • A great resource for fun and learning about our patron, Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Ox Who Bellowed, our self-produced coloring book biography of the Angelic Doctor, presents the story of Saint Thomas Aquinas as told by “Torch”, the Dominican Hound. Learn wonderful details of the life of this great saint–why his family imprisoned him, why he was called “the dumb ox”, what Jesus said to him from the Cross–and have all of the fun of coloring in our spunky canine narrator (and the saint too)!
  • Our follow-on coloring book, The Hound of the Lord, celebrating the life of Saint Dominic de Guzman, the founder of the Order of Preachers!
  • Fathers: Email if you want an introduction to our “Men’s Groups”!
  • Mothers: Have you checked out the “Charlottesville Catholic Moms” group? Email for details!
  • A few cool “Catholic mom blogs” you might want to check out: Two Os Plus More, Surviving Our Blessings, Molly Makes Do, Catholic All Year.
  • Don’t forget Tertia Pars, the Lay Dominican bookstore (near the kitchen), and Sycamore Tree, which is just down the street.